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Vitiligo Genetic Research for Vitiligo Treatments

Vitiligo Genetic Research for Vitiligo Treatments - Vitiligo Genetic Research at the University of Florida College of Medicine carried out perfectly. Their recent work has been done in collaboration with an international consortium of scientists led by Dr. Richard Spritz, University of Colorado. By collecting DNA samples from patients with vitiligo all over the world, the consortium was able to collect the genes of about 1,500 people with vitiligo and study the genes of 2,800 people compared without vitiligo. Using genetic mapping techniques have been complex, around 579 000 DNA variation in the human genome for genetic differences caused by vitiligo were investigated. An article in The New England Journal of Medicine published in April 2010 reported seven genes shows that, in people with vitiligo with other autoimmune diseases such as type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis and related rheumatoid arthritis, two other genes for the immune system, and a gene involved in the operation of pigment cells. A second paper published online in June 2010 reported in Nature Genetics, along with two other genes in the regulation of the immune system are involved.
     What makes this study is important for us to determine which of the thousands of genes can be be involved in the predisposition to some people with vitiligo. Researchers now have a range of about a dozen genes that can be further studied to determine how their function can be changed and vitiligo and / or other autoimmune diseases. Better understanding of the genetic basis of vitiligo lead to new strategies for diagnosis, prevention and / or treatment of vitiligo, so hopefully.

vitiligo genetics studies at the University of Florida is made possible by the generous support grant from the American Vitiligo Research. Research in UF Vitiligo is a collaboration between Dr. Peggy Wallace, professor of molecular genetics and microbiology. The research here at UF was conducted by Dr. Deborah Herbstman as part of the thesis. Dr. Herbstman found genetic association with the gene for tyrosinase (TYR), the same gene in the production of pigment, which was at the Design Consortium Vitg above identified involved.

have no clinical studies in active vitiligo UF and they do not currently offer collect DNA samples from patients or relatives. Medical consultation and referrals Doctor
Many people ask them to advice about the treatment of vitiligo, or for referrals to doctors in the vicinity of where they live.
Find a dermatologist who is not with
vitiligo and its treatment always easy. The American Academy of Dermatology website has a link "Find a dermatologist. Many vitiligo patients and parents of children with vitiligo of references VSIG. The site of the National Vitiligo Foundation has a link called" doctors ", which includes an international list.

When looking for a dermatologist who is with
vitiligo is difficult to try to learn as much as possible about vitiligo and its treatment, and then see that information to the dermatologist.Discuss everything to read what you find with a dermatologist about vitiligo and its treatment. Do not use the treatment of vitiligo without qualified medical supervision. The information provided here and through links to various websites is not a substitute for consultation with a physician. This information is used as a public service, and the inclusion of Web links are not an endorsement from me or from the University of Florida.
There is no miracle cure for vitiligo. If you find a site that will have on the treatment - the pill, cream, herbal remedies, nothing! - Who seems too good to be true, be very careful! Some of these products can be detrimental to take interactions with other medicines that you or interactions with other treatments. Please do not use the treatment of vitiligo without qualified medical supervision.

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